Nature 2016

Goosander on the White Cart Water Goosander Mallard Wren in my local woodlands Wren Goosander pair Grey Wagtail Fox Coal Tit Jay - the photo is rubbish but this was my first ever sighting Treecreeper feeding on the ground - again, a rubbish photo, but unusual behaviour which I have only observed a couple of times Corvid moon, February (snapped by Kevin on his mobile) Robin View north across the Dubh Lochan at the Scottish Centre for Ecology and the Natural Environment (University of Glasgow SCENE Field Station) The Dubh Lochan at sunset (University of Glasgow SCENE Field Station) Dubh Lochan at dusk (University of Glasgow SCENE Field Station) Robin pair - male on the left, female on right, judging by their behaviour Buff-tailed Bumblebee queen (I think) searching for a nesting site Song Thrush in Kelvingrove Park Bluebells and beech trees, Pollok Country Park Aberfoyle Aberfoyle Aberfoyle Aberfoyle - Soft mossy carpet Aberfoyle - View from the trail up Lime Craig Aberfoyle - Dor beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius) Aberfoyle During my springtime invertebrate sampling I came across a couple of these cool Red-legged Shieldbug nymphs Common Spotted-orchid in the meadow behind my home Buzzard hunting Mistle Thrush The woodland full of autumn colours, with Gleniffer Braes in the background (the view from my living room) Corvids mobbing Buzzard 1 Corvids mobbing Buzzard 2 Corvids mobbing Buzzard 3 Possil Marsh 1: Several hundred Pink-footed Geese arrived in October from Iceland and Greenland, with their distinctive high-pitched "wink-wink" calls heard throughout the reserve Possil Marsh 2: Pink-footed Geese grazing on a stubble field Possil Marsh 3: Ubiquitous lichen Possil Marsh 4: Reedmace and Possil Loch This plucky wee trouper braved the rain and wind of my hilltop in late October to nibble at the small leaves on the topmost branches of a sycamore tree Sunrise over the Clyde Valley to the Campsies in the north, early November (the view from my bedroom) Surprise encounter on a morning in early November: The unusual Brown Plume moth, which is normally on the wing during June and July Small flock of roe deer grazing in the misty meadow Small flock of roe deer grazing in the misty meadow Small flock of roe deer grazing in the misty meadow Robin in the woodlands Two Nuthatches appeared at my bird table for the first time at the end of December, and were surprisingly unafraid of me and the camera Female Great Spotted Woodpecker, 31st December. It was dry in the morning so I was able to feed even the ground-foraging birds before the "dry thunderstorm" of New Year's Eve.