Nature 2017

I have seen many interesting and some unusual species this year. This first batch are mainly images that have already been shared on social media (chiefly Twitter). More photos will be added over time when I have the opportunity to work through them.

Nuthatch, January Raven's nest, April Urban fossorial water vole (you gotta trust me on this!) in Cranhill Park, April Raven fledgling, early May. Five young fledged from the tower nest this year. Fierce predator of the Highland midge: male Azure Hawker (Aeshna caerulea) spotted at Trees for Life's Dundreggan estate in the Highlands, June Azure hawker (male) at Dundreggan, June A beautiful gold-speckled red Common Frog (Rana temporaria) in heather grassland at Dundreggan, June Kestrel (female) spotted in Cranhill Park while (unsuccessfully) looking for water voles, July. The voles were smart enough to stay underground. Rockpool at sunrise, on the rocky shore at Dale Fort on the south-western tip of Wales, July Leucistic Puffin on Skomer Island, July Shaded Broad-bar moth seen during the Big Butterfly Count, August Seal pup at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue, August Red fox at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue, August If you've ever wondered how a bald hedgehog would look... At Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue, August Baby bat at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue, August Purple Viper's Bugloss (Echium plantagineum), October Foxgloves still pretty in November December moths (Poecilocampa populi) were a common sight during the first week of December December moth, early December